Educational Materials

We are committed to educating chemists at every career stage in strategies to assess chemical hazard in an informed manner. Below are some resources that are continuously updated. To be updated as new resources are added please sign up in the Contact Us form below.

Webinar "Integrating Toxicity Information into Chemical Design"

Molecular Design Research Network (MoDRN) Educational resources
Masters Program in Environmental and Green Chemistry at the George Washington University (more info coming soon)

Certificate in Green Chemistry and Chemical Stewardship from the University of Washington

Green Chemistry - the Nexus blog

Toxicology and Why You Should Care.

How New Toxicology Can Catalyze Green Chemistry

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ToxFix is a platform for development of predictive tools and design guidelines for reduced toxicity of commercial chemicals. It is managed by DOT (DesigningOutToxicity), a consultancy in Green Chemistry and Toxicology based in Alexandria, Virginia

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